The Rubber Duc Story

 Since their first hit single in March 2014, RUBBER DUC has become a South African favourite on radio and at live shows across the country! Nick Jordaan, Amiel Gopal, Sheldon Sham and Brendan Campbell have captured the hearts of fans of all ages.

They have been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter category finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition 2017. The panel of judges included Bastille, Lorde and Tom Waits. Organiser Candace Avery says “Although being selected an Honorable Mention does not garner any physical prizes, with over 16 000 entries from 140 countries, ISC still considers you and ISC winner. This is a remarkable achievement of which you should be extremely proud.”

Although their style and genre is hard to define, their music appeals to a diverse group of people across all age groups. RUBBER DUC believes that music provides a platform to bring people together, to change the world, even if just for a moment… In their own words: “When people sing your music back to you, whether it is one person or a thousand, the point is that the message has touched someone in one way or another.

They have certainly done that! Their music is uplifting, positive and appealing. Whether it’s a satirical take on life, like “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT”, a touching love song like “FEET” or an anthem like “IT’S ALRIGHT”, their songs tend to stick in your mind.

RUBBER DUC’S go-to director, the legendary Kyle White creates equally memorable videos. Have a look and listen on YouTube.


In September 2016 RUBBER DUC released their, much anticipated, debut album. This album was conceptualised and created on the road between shows.

“THE SECRET SUNRISE” was produced, recorded and mixed ad Openroom Studios in Johannesburg by Grammy and SAMA-award winning engineer Darryl Torr, and former Zebra & Giraffe frontman, Greg Carlin.

“We can barely contain our excitement for this album! From Wellington, which is about a little town in the Western Cape that we fell in love with, to Feet, which is about how difficult it sometimes is to be honest with the people we love. Leaving Town, letting go of that love, to Faithful, about being in love with what we do for a living. LOVE seems to be a recurring theme. These songs are a collection of our experiences, feelings, moments and memories we have made on this awesome journey. These are all as beautiful as a secret sunrise.”

The album has been enthusiastically received by the public and critics alike. Music blogger Al Broide writes: “The Secret Sunrise is a great debut record. This is a proudly South African album. Sure, it’s a pop album with an international appeal, but there are so many different African elements sonically.

Not only does it broaden the appeal locally, but it also shows that Rubber Duc have released an album that is a true representation of themselves and when an artist does that, the audience can instantly pick it up and the connection is much stronger.

There are plenty of single choices on this record and it’s easily one of the best pop records to come out of South Africa this year. This is definitely a record you should be adding to your holiday playlist this December.”

The Secret Sunrise was nominated for two SAMA’s in the categories Best Alternative Album and Best Produced Album.

Meet The Band


Nick aka “Thick Nick” is the big brother of the band. Always full of Dad jokes, he has the energy level of an 19 year old. He always brings his A game to shows and in studio. With his awesome lyrical talent and great 1988 built mind, Nick is an intricate part of the DUC clan.

Nick JordaanSinger, Rhythm Guitar, Hi Hats, Front man


Amiel - also known as wiki short for Wikipedia as he knows a little bit about everything. The tech guy as well, will sort you out with whatever hardware you need at the best prices. We get very shocked, upset or worried when he turns out to be wrong about something... Wiki’s never wrong! Most importantly, badass Bass for player! Groove machine, good friend and all round lekker ou!

Amiel GopalBass, Snare, Backing vocals, Deal MAKER


Born somewhere in the Arctic, sculpted by burning blades on ice, son of the great Ragnar Lothbrok, Brendan Campbell, the Viking boy with the Scottish surname can occasionally be seen walking backwards although he is actually walking forwards. Producer extraordinaire. Plays guitar like Jimmy Hendrix when he was a tween. He sang backing vocals for George Michaels band, WHAM, from the other side of the television. One of the founding members of Rubber Duc. The legendary BC (Brendan Campbell)

Brendan CampbellLead Guitar, Kick, Backing Vocals, Producer


Sheldon Sham or ``SJ`` as he's known to morph into when on the jol, hails from the Vale... Edenvale.
Shel is more in love with his instrument than any man should be, and has put in the bed room hours mastering this fine piece of brass. So he now has the ability to melt the face of any man in the audience with his burning brass lines, or weaken the knees of any las that may find herself in his audiosphere with his soulful sax.
Other than being a family orientated lad, Shel has 2 modes in life: Sax playing mode, and sleep mode.
So after a show we power him down, and store him away until the next one!

Sheldon ShamSaxophone, Tambourine, Crash, Backing Vocals, THE SAX MAN